About Us

Dan Gross

I started Dive/Corr because I have a passion for the underwater world. My first underwater project was completed in 1972. Over the years, I’ve obtained multiple inspection certifications and developed a great interest in underwater photography. Yes, I even go diving when I’m on vacation.

In 1982, the company specialty became potable water tanks. I put together a system so tight that through 4000 inspections, there has never been a contamination problem and a lot of information has been retrieved without loosing a drop of water. With that we branched into nondestructive testing, welding inspection, cathodic protection systems and contracting.

How did we get to grommets?

If you inspect steel water tanks, you have to know something about Cathodic Protection Systems. The basics are: Cut a hole in the roof to install an anode and make sure you have access to that anode.

Well, our experience has been that cutting the hole is the easy part. But properly repairing the coating where the hand hole was cut has been long-ignored. You can’t let the paint drip into the tank and you can’t wait 2 days before the paint dries to put on a hand hole cover.

The grommet that we have developed eliminates these problems. You simply cut the hole, caulk the grommet, insert it, and then add the hand hole cover. You are done! (Don’t you wish you thought of it?)

Don’t want to have your people climb to the top of the tank to install them? No problem. We can do that for you.

Our primary focus is still tank inspection. But if you are tired of looking at all that rust below the hand holes, after you’ve invested so much money in re-coating a tank, give us a call.